What is bubblevisions? Bubblevisions is Michael Vorbrüggen – a mind where visions of images are popping up like bubbles. Visions which are constructed with different elements – sometimes realistic, sometimes surreal.

Michael is a young photographer based in Nuremberg, Germany. Although he always had an eye for the photographic activities of his father, his passion for photography waited for the digital photography to break through. Nowadays Michael is – when he is not riding a bicycle – constructing new images with his skills as a learned phtographer and the creativ mind of an ongoing design student. Real pure photography, composing or CG – He takes advantage of the technique which serves the best result in order of his vision.


4711 / AC-Schnitzer / Adidas / Aixtron / Babor / Continental / devolo / Elégance / Erzbergrodeo / Ford / FYFF / Geländefahrrad-Aachen / Klenkes / Maxim / Maqii / Mountainbike / Perskindol / SpanSet / Sportograf / Trek Bikes / Vaude / Warner Music and many more.